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About Us

About Us

The Creator of Chak Therapy

Mycheryl Russ is the Owner and Chief Creative Officer of Chak Therapy, an exclusive product live designed to honor the seven chakras of the body while promoting self-care and mental wellness.

Before starting Chak Therapy, Mycheryl worked number of years as Program Manager with the City of San Antonio in public health and USAA. After a successful career in community health grass root organizing, Mycheryl now manufactures and create personal care and home items to promote and spread the message of holistic self-care to people of color.

On her spare time Mycheryl enjoys cooking and hosting conscious conversations regarding, history, ancestry and generational healing.

Contact Me

Contact Me

Mycheryl Russ, MBA, Owner, CCO Chak Therapy LLC Phone: (361) 857-3220 Email: chaktherapy210@gmail.com Facebook.com/ChakTherapy Instagram.com/chak_therapy www.chaktherapy.com