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About Us

About Us

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Dr. Shalom Michael Akili

Dr. Shalom Michael Akili a transplant from San Diego California has an extensive background in education. As a community college professor for approximately 10 years continued his education in earning his doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and a published author. Book titled Net-Generation Student Motivation to Attend Community College.

Dr. Akili’s expertise and curriculum evolves around lifelong learning, in addition to, intrinsic motivation, identity development, acknowledging the various generations (Millennial), understanding choices, self-efficacy, and persistence. Furthermore, the CEO of A Key Lead Consulting llc were the business thrives to train leaders to be effective leaders. Lastly, the goal of Dr. Akili’s work is to improve and increase a better understanding of leadership that when people are in group environments can ultimately be Happy. Furthermore, desires to improve retention rates, decrease employee turnout, and improve human relational climate.

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